Lost old login info - how access ladder account plz?

  • Hi - this is Betar. Used to play quite a lot. I haven't played for months. I had to get a new laptop months ago because old one died and I have had to create all new login info for everything.

    I have created a new account for the forums this site and also a new account in order to sign in to the triplea platform. I just played a ladder match against BigMac but I realize I cannot sign into the ladder site and i cannot reset my password because i don't even have access to the email address used for it.

    I have a new email address which I used to register this new account for the forums. Is there any way to access my old account on the ladder site using my new email address by any chance please?

    The new email is Betar2_2@yahoo.com

    Cernel said to post this query here on the forums so here I am. Would really appreciate any help!!

    Thank you

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