Panzerman house rules to apply to new tww will require some editing, full wish list is listed as well

  • I have a mod start of the game is you need a copy. You can of course pick and choose any of these options.
    It’s not possible to use dice to determine air and armor superiority in tww due to the inability to see the board correctly once there is a bunch of units. I have requested a readable battle board so that players can pick their casualties depending on hits from air and armor but no offers at this time.
    Regardless of doing air superiority: Fighters were better at air than navy planes and tactical bombers so turn your fighters’ u plan to use on the coast to navy planes so there is no mix match and the ones intended for land should be fighters and they can be interchangeable depending on the need. You can rearrange these planes after the first round as to not upset beginning balance.
    However you must change them to fighters if you plan on doing an airfield raid since navy planes can’t escort and likewise with the defenders planes if that situation occurs. Tactical bombers must be changed back to represent their defense and in case they do a special bombing raid. Nothing special needs to be done with strategic bomber as their attacking strength is not crazy like the tactical bomber but air superiority would certainly prevent this. Ideally you could have all the fighters navy planes because I think fighters attack at ground too highly but navy planes get +2 on islands so however you want just keep it consistent. Also stat. bombers should be able to act as strategic bombers for trucks, material and rockets. So they both should be able to target rockets.
    You can scramble to any sea zone but defender must be defending his own country first if it’s under attack. For instance, the scramble at sea zone 96 with the American tact. Bomber is not allowed.
    This next section is optional now that subs in new TWW first strike is now a 2 but should be one. The other sub ideas are still good. In order to stop the ridiculous sub AA defensive first strike turn defending subs into trannies when destroyers, subs and planes are attacking (these are only attacking units allowed) when defending subs are by themselves. However, subs are considered to have escaped after 2 rounds and must stay in the same sea zone. Improved sub and beyond is not allowed as the first strike is way too high.
    If it is sub versus sub then escape is possible after 1 round but the engine will allow you to submerge but defender must take one round and if attacker brings in destroyer and 1 sub then submerge after 1st round so it won’t attack anymore and the destroyer will continue to the 2nd.
    In a big mixed sea battle if attacker has say 4 destroyers defender must turn like number of subs into trannies so in that case 4 trannies could be picked first.
    Advanced destroyer get 3 rounds to sink subs Also advanced destroyers cannot bring in capital ship against (just defending subs) except of course other attacking subs, regular destroyers and planes but again can’t be a mixed sea battle. Cruiser did have depth charges but were not used to attack subs but they do get their high defense.
    Britain and America automatically gets aerial depth charges starting round 3rd so that planes can attack subs by themselves w/o destroyer but only a one round chance and then must retreat. Again edit the subs into trannies to attack them since the engine will not allow it plus turn of your planes into a regular destroyer. If you have destroyer, planes get two rounds of course. Russia, Italy, Germany, and Japan must get advanced destroyer tech in order to have aerial depth charge tech.
    Subs get special wolf pack or single sub 2 round attack but it can only be attacking subs. For this, defending player must turn battleships and carriers into trannies with all other ships staying the same. In a situation where there is no destroyer but defending planes, turn the number of planes into destroyers as again the engine will not let you defend with just planes. This applies in the case of a carrier as well but both situations require player to have aerial tech.
    One does not have to use special sub attack meaning the subs will have unlimited rounds but the capital ships will stay the same as subs will be considered surfaced.
    To prevent trannie stacking, defending trannies have to be picked last as casualties and can their defensive hits can only count against planes, subs, and destroyers. If there is one battleship, carrier, or cruiser left in the battle and none of the other mentioned attacking units, the trannies are consider sunk or if say a battleship attacks a lone transport, same result or could even play capture rules. This last part is not optional and separate. One exception to this is a convey attack from subs where it is only destroyers and trannies, trannies can be picked. Defensive retreating would solve this problem but that is in the main wish list and is not possible with current engine.
    Since there is no mobile AA, edit move 1 space plus they should be able to attack so u could turn them into infantry but you will have to remember how many you had.
    1 infantry can board cruisers, carriers, and battleships but only for noncombat unloading and they cannot have been used in sea battle that round or bombardment.
    Planes can retreat if the battles gets down to just attacking land forces with no attacking fighters in the mix and this applies to scrambles as well.
    Don’t start the game with bonus tech just edit it in the techs or ask me for starting base. All nations start with improved destroyer and special. Germany gets improved anti-tank and improved AA due to the 88. Russia gets logistics and production. America start with production. Britain and Japan both start with improved planes. Keep in mind none of these techs start until the second round, so this should not upset balance of the game.
    No improved specials or beyond is allowed but you can amphibious assault with tank and artillery by the 2rd. round but player will have to move edit them in first. Heavy tanks, mobile artillery, anti-aircraft, and anti-tank are not allowed to amphibious attack. China still starts with nothing.
    America, Britain, Italy, and Japan are not allowed advanced tanks to represent the historical difference in tanks
    Sea blocks cannot block amphibious assaults but the block must be destroyed or you must treat landing as if it did not happen. Like when someone sticks a lone destroyer to prevent you from loading troops.
    Strategic raid on airfields and planes means defender has to intercept all planes and attacker can bring tactical bombers but you must add truck or material. Since you can’t intercept with strategic or tactical bombers, any spill over hits from the attacking planes must count against the bombers on the ground but you must add a defending fighter to the airfield if one is not is present or the attacking fighters will not get a roll. The defending fighter hit does not count of course. Plus you have to use a strategic bomber for the raid so there must be an airfield in territory. You can’t scramble to a different territory if it’s under attack to escape this.
    I would like to have just a bunch of fighters be able to do an airfield raid but you can’t with how the engine is.
    Rockets could not be pin pointed to just hit factories etc. so they should only cause PU damage. There is no defense against V-2 so no scramble but you can for the V-1 with normal rules.
    Air trannies can move 1 non paratroop guy as long as it’s noncombat. Use edit force move for that and is you want to bring anti-air into combat giving thus an attacking fodder role.
    Building material is interchangeable from the beginning of the round which will help out if a country gets bombed out of existence. Plus sea transports and trucks are as well. With transports you must reach a dock and then transfer at the end of the receiving friendly’s turn. Trucks treated same way so as both are not moved twice.

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