Where is Blaster007?

  • Hi. Yes I'm the best ever, hence the name Number 1. Well look her sweet hearts, I'm your worse nightmare ever. Get me on that Axis and Allies game and I'll show you whats up. It's really not fair for you.However, I have a soft spot in my heart for you gamers / players. I'll make you a deal.

  • If shit gets weird. Its your buddy Lefty. I have been missing yall. Do we have any players? GO UGA and Falcons. Braves blow, UGA Uber Alles. Fuck the War Eagles

  • I love that dude. He's a good one. (Jack Burton types of shit). Well, I'm the GTO Player of the year for 2 years running. Nobody tells me what to do, a good thing too. I made it, I got called out of retirement. Please dont hurt me. I'm the best, lemme get Axis straight up. Or allies, I'll beat you. Duhh, The World Champ, or GTO Player of the Year

  • Call me when Blaster is back

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