Big world 2: Rise of the axis (Wolfpacks notes)

  • Hello everybody. I would like to send you a warm greeeting and to let you know certain facts about how wolfpacks worked during ww-II.

    Wolfpacks were used mainly against convoys, that were "unexpugnable sea fortesss" made from hundreds of ships escorted by many warships. The wolfpack tactics required a sub that acted as a flagship, and as a flagship, it doesn´t get directly involved in combat. In terms of gameboard rules, this implies that wolfpacks will be posible only if 3 or more subs are present at the same battle, However, one sub will not attack (the flagship), but can be choosen as a casualty. The remainning subs are the ones that will see their attacking abilities increased by one (+1) or by two(+2) if the supersub technology has been developed. However, this national advantage can be lost temporarily during battle if the flagship is sunk or the number of present subs in combat falls below 3. I am almost sure that Larry Harris was not aware of how wolfpacks worked in ww-II when he proposed this national advantage.

    Thanks in advance for your attention.

    Kind regards.

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