combatMove & nonCombatMove steps - Resolved -

  • There are stepProperties for these steps that seems redundant.

    • combatMove
    • nonCombatMove

    Are these remnants of a time before there was a separate NonCombatMove delegate?

  • @mahks
    As far as I know, there are only two movement delegates:
    MoveDelegate and SpecialMoveDelegate

    How the delegates are used is determined by their name:
    xxxCombatMove and xxxNonCombatMove are the common names used with the MoveDelegate but the names can be xxxPreBattleMove and xxxAfterBattleMove and the step combatMove and nonCombatMove can be used to determine which type of movement is preformed.
    Also a game might only use 1 movement phase in which case there are other step properties like fireRockets, resetUnitStateAtStart, removeAirThatCanNotLand (can also be used with the PlaceDelegate), etc...


  • Ah, thanks.

    What was throwing me off was the POS2 comment:

    "It is very important that the "name" ends with the correct phrase, or else the game will not work properly.
    Please end with ("xx" = faction name): xxBid, xxBidPlace, xxTech, xxPurchase, xxCombatMove, xxBattle, xxNonCombatMove, xxPlace, xxTechActivation, xxEndTurn, xxPolitics, xxUserActions"

    From your answer, it seems that "...important that the 'name' ends with the correct phrase" is incorrect?

  • @mahks
    Sorry, my comments above are incorrect. If the "name" is incorrect even with the stepProperty the game will error out. So 'xxxPreBattleMove' will not work even with a stepProperty of 'combatMove'.

    It also seems that the 'SpecialMoveDelegate' must also end with 'CombatMove' and 'NonCombatMove'. So it does seem as if some of the stepProperties are redundant.

    Again sorry for the bad information.


    1. Can a developer confirm these are not of use anymore?

    2. Are they still required for older maps?

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