More design info

  • I would like to see the XML info tag expanded.

    Currently it looks like this:

    <info name="Age of Tribes: Primeval" version="1.0.7"/>

    I would like something like:

    <info name="Age of Tribes: Primeval" version="1.0.7">
    	<created date='2016.03.06'/>
    	<updated date='2018.01.02'/>
    		<design by='Frostion'/>
    		<art by='Frostion:Cernel'/>
    		<sounds by='jingles'/>

    If that is not backwards compatible, then how about a new tag?
    No maps would be required to be updated, but new ones and updates could have it added.

    I know all that can be placed in the property "notes", but that is HTML and not easily parsed out.
    Maybe the new UI could also use this in some way.

  • After sleeping on it, I think the credits should be left to the HTML notes.

    So the proposed info tag could just be :

    <info name="Age of Tribes: Primeval" version="1.0.7" created='2016.03.06' updated='2018.01.02'/>

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