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    I see you have already updated "Pact of Steel 2" yourself. So that could have gone out of my list.
    However, I looked at your changes and saw that now Americans would be able to give British 6 PUs at no cost to themselves, while it used to cost 10 PUs.
    This pull request should restore the functionality of having the aforementioned action costing 10 PUs for Americans:
    In doing it, I went ahead adding the cost info in the button description.
    I've also put back three commented out not default functionalities (doesn't matter, but I prefer to keep the intended code).
    @redrum to merge
    Theorically, people that downloaded this map meanwhile should be told to redownload it, but I'll leave it up to the admins to decide if to update the download number (I made no pull for the yaml).

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  • @cernel Yeah, by the way, why are we stuck at this version?

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    @frostion Well, I can answer you about this.
    Since the costResources didn't exist before, people using engine not having it yet will get a whole bunch of errors and will be unable to now play your maps.
    Normally, when adding a new feature, at the next stable release at least, you would increase the triplea version and, then, you would just need to set that version in the triplea minimumVersion of the xml, to avoid people with old engines getting errors, but we are stucked at since a while...

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    @general_zod That may happen after I convert all, if Civil War stops swamping me with its endless issues.

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