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  • Right now the Unit Graphics on most screens/windows within tripleA are not displaying properly. This appears to be a universal issue, across all maps/games in TripleA

    To see what I mean, open any map, and compare how the units are displaying on the Map at 100% vs how they appear in the Unit Help.

    Compared to the regular units as displayed on the map itself, the units shown within the Purchase window, the Battle Calc/Battle windows, Movement Windows, and the Unit Help window are all displaying with a ton of image compression. Either these images are being rescaled or compressed, or I don't know what's going on really, but the overall visual effect is one where the units look pretty shoddy in most screens where the player will be interacting with them.

    In the purchase window for example, units appear to have the Anti-Aliasing turned off and the blur becomes very pixilated.

    Unlike other feature requests, for stuff that's more peripheral to the tripleA experience, this stuff is unavoidable and really in the foreground, as the player will be immediately confronted by this as soon as they make a purchase or try to move the units around.

    I'm a visual person, so to me this should be like tip of the Top priorities, because it just looks so janky currently, and there doesn't appear to be anything I can do as the end user to address. It affects all games, so not like a special feature request really, this is for something that everyone and all games would benefit from fixing.

    Also, while we're at it, can we get a Unit View option to upscale the Unit image graphics beyond 125%? Hehe

    Up to 200% would make much more sense, so there's parity between scaling up and scaling down.

    The Unit sizes are the main limitation that prevents larger scale maps with more beautiful graphics from being created. Right now the ceiling on that is 68 pixels, but this is fairly small for a modern display and even that is pushing it under the current build. Realistically the TripleA app seems designed for Unit graphics at 48px square, and anything much larger will show clipping or odd artifacts in the various game windows. From a map design standpoint this is a major impediment, and it's locking us into a scheme that just barely works for 1080p, but probably isn't going to work for anything beyond that, like 1440 or 4K. Like clearly the unit graphics in tripleA are geared towards Low Res era, like 720p and 4:3 desktop monitors, but that's probably cause it was made decades ago hehe. I think it could be much better for a modern display these days.

    Right now, in my current project trying to develop of 4k map for G40, upscaling units to 150% or 200% would be the most helpful, since this is how units appear in the main map display, and that's still the most important, but I'd wish we could clean up how they look on all those other screens as well.

    I'm not sure why TripleA isn't pulling the images 1:1 directly from the unit folder, but for some reason it's modifying the visual presentation there. Perhaps its the window scaling? or again, not really sure, but it's definitely off.

    Here's an example. Note how pixelated the shadows/edges are for all units, compared to what you're seeing on the map itself...






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    I would be interested in seeing one particular item singled out in the reports from "Show Dice Stats"... Show me the results from the rolls for anti-aircraft on strategic bombers.

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  • Hehe raised by wolves!

    Oh also, I noticed that the aa radar unit was missing from a couple nations so I added that just now as well. Hopefully it should stand up. I was playing against the hardAI earlier and didn't catch any kinks. Fingers crossed

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    @black_elk said in World War II v3 update to master?:

    Io Saturnalia!

    Lol I'd never heard of it. Party On ! Rock On !!!.png

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