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Recent Posts

  • @cernel I would suggest to add an infinite=true flag.


    <option name="attemptsPerTurn" infinite="true"/>

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  • E

    Various languages have double.positiveInfinity and double.negativeInfinity in some form.

    But in terms of the battle calc, you could just have a checkbox for "fight to finish" then the actual background implementation doesn't show up in the UI. It's an extra click for calcing strafes though as "fight to finish" would be on by default.

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  • Love love love! the new tool tips. Looking smashing!

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  • C

    I think most, or at least some, would have preferred the EV column being fixed as to display what engine version that host is using, rather than removing it.

    I think the status column should aim at telling anyone that they are welcomed to join your host to play in it, without you having to chat in lobby to tell people so or put a redundant comment in notes inviting people to join your host, that the status column should already do.


    I think the current "Waiting For Players" is good enough.

    I think "Waiting" only is not a good pick, since that doesn't communicate that you want other users to join your host to play the game you are proposing; it's too generic and it may mean you are waiting for technical reasons, like loading times.

    "Awaiting Players" shortens it a bit, keeping the same info as "Waiting For Players" (number 1), but is sounds a touch formal, so it makes me think that you are specifically waiting for someone, you had an appointment with, rather than just being open to anyone willingly to join, that should be the actual message.

    "Open" may be good, as it should be much better than "Waiting" (number 2) in communicating that the game can be joined and it sounds rather immediate to me, as you can think to a Host as being a Room, basically, but it has the drawback of being scarcely consistent with the status itself, as games in progress are not closed, but still open for observers to join them.

    "Open For Players" is a little shorter than "Waiting For Players" (number 1) and solves the drawbacks of just "Open" (number 4), also maybe being the most effective in giving the message we want, but it sounds a touch awkward.

    "Need Players" may be the best if we want to focus on noob friendliness, but it has the drawback of being scarcely consistent with the status itself, as the status would be just that of a host whose game is not yet started, that doesn't necessarily mean you actually need players, except for bots, since they automatically start when all players are taken. The issue could be solved by having different status for not started games depending if all in-game players (the countries) have been taken (so, you can have three statuses: "Need Players", "Ready", "In Progress").

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