Wiki Issues

  • These are things I found, if anyone wishes to update the wiki.

    "Neutral Flyover Allowed" - missing
    "Units Can Load In Hostile Sea Zones" - missing
    "SBR Victory Points" - says for japanese only, POS2 does not say that
    "Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire Restricted" - "Naval Bombard Casualties Return Fire"
    "Kamikaze Suicide Attacks Done By Current Territory Owner" - wrong explaination
    "maxFactoriesPerTerritory" - has duplicate entries
    "LHTR Heavy Bombers" & "LHTR Bombers" - duplicate?

    "Produce fighters on carriers" - deprecated
    "Moore AI" - deprecated
    "Dynamix AI" - deprecated
    "isTwoHit" - deprecated
    "Battleships repair at end of round" - deprecated

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