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  • Hello, Everyone.

    I have just recently developed an addiction to NWO, and am trying to learn it some playing Hard AI. But I haven't seen a tutorial that addresses a couple of the Map Options that I am unsure about and was hoping someone might explain to me.

    On "Use Triggers," that just adds progressively better technology as the game develops, right? Does it do anything else?

    On "More Constructions with Factory," "More Constructions without Factory," and "Unlimited Constructions"... what do those do? And what happens if you "Use Triggers" but without any of the others checked, it just gives you the progressive tech?

    If there is a link that addresses this, sorry, but I did not see it. It just seems like with the default all checked that Russia can do some serious finagling of placement and number of items, though logic tells me that is probably all in my head. Yet, the "More" boxes don't seem to help the Axis (I haven't played Allies yet).

    ..."tanks" for your help. 😄

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    @wolfrequiem The explanations for the (in my opinion confusing) bunker options is in the Changelog under:
    Changes NWO1.8.5 to NWO1.8.6:

    Bunkers (Constructions) code updated to work differently. Factories are now also isConstructions for the purposes of placement. New game properties listed below (all On by default). (veqryn)
    "More Constructions with/without Factory" - If ON then you may have a total number of bunkers up to the PU value of a territory (minimum 1), in territories with/without factories. If OFF then you may have only 1 total bunker per territory.
    "Unlimited Constructions" - If ON it over-rides above 2 game properties to allow infinite total bunkers per territory. If OFF then things are determined by the above 2 game properties.
    No matter what, you can only place 1 bunker per territory per round. Bunkers do not take up a factory slot when being placed.

    Not the only time someone puts rules explanations in the changelog only, and I personally hate that, as one should not have to read the changelog to know the rules, even only optional ones.

    "Use Triggers" was back then when there were no custom options, and what it does here it is just what it says in notes:

    To Turn OFF special units, deselect "Use Triggers" in options.

    That actually means you cannot purchase the red dot units nor the bunkers (but already present bunkers are not "turned off").
    It is some better explained in the changelog:

    Updated NWO to take advantage of triggered rule changes to have red dot units and bunkers not appear for purchasing during beginning turns, and the ability to turn them off completely by deselecting "Use Triggers". (added to nwo by Veqryn, code by Squid Daddy)

    (again, "turn them off completely" refers to purchasing only)
    And it's not progressive. You just become able to purchase the red dot units and bunkers on round 4, as long as "Use Triggers" is selected.

    Hope this clarifies fully.

  • It does! Thanks a million.

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