Deluxe Map Skin For "WW2 Revised"

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    @general_zod said in WWII Revised - Facelift:

    Here is the link to the map skin for "WW2 Revised". I plan on uploading it to GITHUB as well.

    Some notes on map skin setup.

    1. Just place this zip file in the "username/triplea/downloadedmaps" folder. (You don't have to signup for sendspace account, just click on download link. You might have to close (x) the signup page before link becomes available.)
    2. The map skin will become available on the "View" menu. Select it here.
    3. If you get a checker board pattern, resize the map by at least 1% (zoom level)
    4. Place a checkmark next "Show Map Details" and "Show Map Blends" located on the "View" menu.
    5. Unzip the file to see some new units in addition to map skin. The "map" folder should be in the following location if unzipped correctly. (and remove zip file from the "downloadedmaps" folder)


  • excellent , right what is need for solo trollin and perma switchin not only *look&feel**edit unit colour *colour outside..
    thx & cheers DayMar

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