Who still plays classic?

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  • Because they make compelling evenings in the theater, and gripping reading at home. Oedipus Rex still is a shocker on the stage after nearly 2500 years. There is few plays by other writers that can match Shakespeare at his best. Extending the term “classic” to something far more recent—plays that we know chiefly from their film versions, Broadway plays of the 20s and 30s like The Philadelphia Story, The Women, The Man Who Came To Dinner, and Stage Door—still hold the stage very effectively.

    The issues that playwrights like Shaw and Ibsen explore in their plays are still very much with us. Read Misalliance, for example, or better yet, see it on the stage if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere when someone has the good sense to stage it.

    See: https://kisslightnovels.info/novel/oukoku-e-tsuzuku-michi

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