Special skills for units

  • Special skills for units.

    t can be applied to units for both realistic and fantastic maps.

    1. No Enemy retaliation: When these units attack, enemy units cannot retaliate;

    Example if your army has only one this kind of unit and if you kill one enemy infantry, You will never lose any single unit after this battle, (normally
    this enemy troop can take on one unit from your toops with %33 chance.)

    Example2: You have 5 this kind of units and 8 regular units and you are attacking an enemy stack that composed with 12 units. If your special units take on 3 enemy
    units than your enemy will retaliate with ony 9 units in the first stage; this ability will sustain if you continue the battle. It is kind of gas without suicide.

    1. Area Effect: When you attack enemy, adjacent enemy troops will be affected by this attack.

    2. Resistance: Some units may have extra defense power against certain units.

    3. Double Attack: Unit attacks twice

    5)Negative support: When you have these units, your troops are less affected by enemy supporter units (like artillery)

    6)Multiple attack: If enemy stack consist with different kind of units, they can take on them with single attacks

    1. Supporter: They support all units depends on quantity;

    2. Immunity: They are immortal against some units (For example Fighters should be immune against sea mines)

    These abilities can be diversified. I did just want to give some ideas.

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