Left to Right Scroll

  • Simple and needed. Love what you have done by the way, missed this game so much and now its playable. Great job to those who put work into this!

  • Moderators Admin

    @Skoreus2004 Wait, is this a feature request or you are pointing out that you like the left to right scroll? Just wondering.

  • Yeah actually mine wasn't working well, or didn't appear to be working at all, then I realize it has to do with the placement of the cursor. So maybe widen the area that makes left and right scroll work. Great design overall.

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    @Skoreus2004 Ah, ok, so it is a usability thing, rather than an additional feature request. Some tips:

    . You know that you can define the "Scroll Zone Size" via Engine Preferences/Map Scrolling?

    . You can scroll with Arrows keys.

    . You can scroll with the mouse wheel; also that of a traditional mouse, by keeping Shift pressed.

    So, if I understand correctly that this would be a suggestion to increase the default value of "Scroll Zone Size", you can try it a bit and tell what is your suggested value.

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