[Fixed] Global 40 House Rules with Canada: Military Base image missing for all countries

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    just fixed the Long Range Heavy Bomber Attack 0 Cost 5 for ANZAC. It wasn't showing up either. Had it misnamed with a "g" instead of a "5". Another 2 hour github burn, but hey, just keep headbutting till git backs up a bit and two straight lefts followed by a right cross and git will do what it's supposed to. : )

    It is frustrating, especially for uneducated people as myself, but it does do a lot of cool stuff.

    Anyway, it's 2.63 for the latest now.

    Going back to my previous numbering program and am gonna only update maps yaml after the first decimal point changes so i don't spam out git and the guys.

    You can re DL though and have the latest. Yaml just tells you there's an update when you fire up triplea.

    I guess I'll post a few notes on the House Rule thread, or summaries, since I keep them anyway.

    Peace Out

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