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    @LaFayette said in [Open/Need More Info] Guests joining games in progress crash them:

    I suspect this could be people with the latest pre-release joining the latest release. IMO we should probably update it so that 1.10 clients do not join the 1.9 lobby.

    Sadly, I have to inform that this (rather major) problem is all the same with TripleA 2.1 (I'm hosting a game with the 20613 development version of it).

    It happened to me the exact same way less than half a hour ago, and I reported the two main issues (frozen game and inability to save) here:

    All or most complaints of lost games in automated hosts happening on the lobby may be caused by this problem.

    tripleabuilderbot created this issue in triplea-game/triplea closed 2.1.20613: GameDataWriter#writeToOutputStream - Error saving game.. could not lock delegate execution #7200

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  • yo my old comp died so I was away but I got a new computer and now I'm sure TripleA will run on this new computer since the latest pre-release stopped working on my old comp ... so I can finally battle the AI again!

    I will submit a win vs the Allies AI and Axis AI eventually but I'm tweaking this new comp right now and got stuff to do but I'll tell you when I'm gonna test the latest AI. Honest! I know the AI could take me a few tries to beat but it won't be until maybe next week when I get to it and I'll tell yous when I'm ready to battle!

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  • darn back to square one

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  • @Cernel The problem happens when a combat is started, after single clicking a new combat. The delay between last combat and new combat is normal, a second or so. There is no double clicking. Units with "canEvade" property are slightly suspect, but it's not clear what is causing the issue.

    @RogerCooper FWIW, I think you should be able to click the 'X' button to close the blank combat prompt and TripleA will become unstuck. If you hit the issue further, save games and noting which battle caused the problem will be of help. If anything with more data, we can start looking for common patterns and see if we can eliminate any potential possibilities.

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