Is there a Civil War tutorial? Newbie doesn't get where I can place new units

  • Hi there, sorry for the completely newb question, and if the answer already exists feel free to point me towards it. I read the notes in the game itself... over and over again. And yet I can't seem to understand how manpower works and what it has to do with the values of each territory and which one of these has anything to do with how many units i can place in a territory. Especially since during the purchasing phase you can buy tons and tons of infantry... but I can hardly find any place to put them.

    Now, I get that there have to be limits... but I cannot figure out what those limits are. Consider this screenshot. I know it's an old picture of a previous version of the game. But the objects we're talking about here haven't changed much.

    alt text

    So, if you look at Jacksonville, the territory has a value of 1. But the manpower has been upgraded to 2. And there is a drill tent which means you can raise 2 military units (potentially). Going by one part of the notes I feel like it says that manpower determines how many units you can raise.... but in another part of the notes is says that units are limited by territory value. So confused! Especially when I see a barracks, where you can build 4 units... but the territory has a value of 2 and the manpower is 3.

    So I'm pretty sure that just because manpower or territory value is a specific number doesn't mean that's how many units can be raised there. And I'd like to understand why that is. Same goes for the types of buildings which generate military units.

    Is there some kind of more thorough explanation of how all this works?

    Whoever did this map did an amazing job. I just want to know how I should be interpreting all these symbols.

    Thanks so much.

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    @engelgrafik So I think the thing you are missing is that most units are actually upgrades of existing units not new units. So besides militia, most land units can only be placed on a general, barracks, or parade grounds where you have enough militia to upgrade. Militia upgrade to infantry or cavalry which then each of those upgrade to elite versions.

    Territory value doesn't have anything to do with how many units can be placed. Whether there is a general, drill camp, barracks, and parade ground determine unit production and they have a hard limit on the number that can be trained/upgraded. The notes and the legend in the top right help for being able to remember that. The only thing territory value does is cap how upgraded certain buildings can be. So you can only upgrade to say a level 5 recruitment center on territories with 5 territory value.

    Manpower is a resource (not directly tied to unit placement) but generates each turn and is used for building certain units.

    You may want to open the save game attached here and click through the history to see what players tend to buy and where they place them:

  • Wow, thanks so much for this explanation. I think I get it now.

    One question though... is there a time when you have a barracks and you can't train 2 new military units? I feel like this has happened before. Maybe they were in captured territories.. hmmm...

    Also, can you train one unit and upgrade two militia? How does that part work? Or is it only training OR upgrading in one turn?

    Thanks so much

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    @engelgrafik Not that I'm aware of. You should always be able to train up to 2 new units and upgrade up to 4 for any territory with a barracks. Training and upgrading don't impact each other so you can for example place 2 militia and upgrade 4 existing militia to infantry on a barracks.

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