"bombard" Question

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    Have a Cruiser that is boosted +1 on Attack when paired with a Battleship via supportAttachment. Cruiser Bombards on amphibious attack at 3 but this changes to 4 when paired with the Battleship.

    Want it to stay at 3. Added <option name="bombard" value="3"/> but that didn't work. Thought about trying a "unitProperty" instead of the supportAttachment but am thinking that would just do the same thing ?

    Anyone know if this is possible to do ? Give the boost on attack only ?


    Oh here's what I have

    Screenshot from 2019-04-05 21-41-50.png

    Just thought of a conflict. i have a couple triggers changing behavior as well.

    Screenshot from 2019-04-05 21-51-28.png

    I'll try getting rid of the supportAttachment

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    yea those triggers hadn't fired yet so they have no impact. Guess I'll just reduce CA bombard to 2.

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    Looks like -reset- doesn't work for "bombard". Guess you'd have to make an entire different unit and have it change to that. That's not very appealing.

    Oh well is what it is

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    Think I finally got it sorted. Misinterpreted pos. Even though i've read it a pile of times, parts of it are still confusing.

    Anyway, you can delete all this if you want

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