Great War Strategy...

  • I've been playing Big World: 1942 (all the different variations) and really enjoy them. Lately I've tried Great War and have had a tough time figuring out what the best strategy is. It's easier to win with the Allies but winning as the Axis has been a challenge. Any advice?

  • Germany has to focus on east while slowly giving up west, Austria should focus on taking on Italy. Turkey should take Egypt and naval dominance is too imprtant in Eastern Mediterranean.

  • @Mariner2929 Germany should send everything not on the western front toward Russia, and use nearly 100% of its build on infantry/artillery for the east. After a few turns (depending on allied strategy) you slowly balance the build for east/west. It’s also important to inflict as much damage to U.K. fleet in North Sea as possible on turn 1. Austria should go for Greece quickly then commit fully on Italy for the rest of the game. Ottomans need to commit fully to Cairo from the first turn. Owning the med can be accomplished as well with proper attacks on the first turn by all 3 central powers. Also, cavalry are essential for central powers during mid/late game since you can get them from rear factories to the front lines quickly

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