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  • I've been playing Big World: 1942 (all the different variations) and really enjoy them. Lately I've tried Great War and have had a tough time figuring out what the best strategy is. It's easier to win with the Allies but winning as the Axis has been a challenge. Any advice?

  • Germany has to focus on east while slowly giving up west, Austria should focus on taking on Italy. Turkey should take Egypt and naval dominance is too imprtant in Eastern Mediterranean.

  • @Mariner2929 Germany should send everything not on the western front toward Russia, and use nearly 100% of its build on infantry/artillery for the east. After a few turns (depending on allied strategy) you slowly balance the build for east/west. It’s also important to inflict as much damage to U.K. fleet in North Sea as possible on turn 1. Austria should go for Greece quickly then commit fully on Italy for the rest of the game. Ottomans need to commit fully to Cairo from the first turn. Owning the med can be accomplished as well with proper attacks on the first turn by all 3 central powers. Also, cavalry are essential for central powers during mid/late game since you can get them from rear factories to the front lines quickly

  • As Germany spend money on the Baltic Sea fleet build up buying 2 battleships every turn while spending other resources on defending Eastern, Southern Front, and Bulgaria. Then once your fleet is stronger than the British one(hit and run Battleship tactics will help_ buy 6 transports off of Hanover(before make sure there are 7 infantry and 7 artillery). Then Invade the UK. Once they are conquered send transports to the Baltic which will make the Eastern Front way easier as the mobility will force Russia to defend territories behind its front ones. Another risky strategy is to buy all transports first turn to conquer St. Petersburg but this works with variable success. But, once UK fleet is destroyed and UK is conquered make sure to blockade country and prevent USA from joining the war. As for Austria, focus on Balkans briefly but shift to Italy buying a factory or two in the north and sending everything not on the eastern front there. For Ottomans take Cairo as soon as possible. Then strike north agianst Russia. buy 6 transports in the black sea and a factory in Ankara(while your army is advancing up the caucasus) then send 6 infantry and 6 artilery up to Russia's Black sea coast every turn until you take Crimea in 2-3 moves. Then send troops to Southern Italy and take Italy after building a strong enough navy

  • my issue is with the german subs in the altantic. i clearly remember that subs in the great war cannot be moved through; this is unlike other ww1 maps.

    with this come an idea to slowly scarficie the subs but delay the americans to pass through. e.g.delay the americans from declaring war by 5-7 turns. the only counter seems to for UK to commit more ships to help strafing.

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