Starting attacks having special optional rules? CASH BACK

  • Ok, so for this idea, I'm still thinking of Classic/2nd edition A&A game. In the optional rules, there is one I really, really hate, and that is RR, or "Russia Restricted", and this for me is quite a bit of a cheap trick. So, instead of making one player totally unable to attack on their first turn, so optional rules could be built into the UI at game creation, that specify some things that only apply during the first turn, and only against territories/sea zones that are in their original setup configurations?

    I mentioned LL/MAD being possibilities, but what other ideas could be included to make attacks against a players forces, in their starting positions, and thus without a player having any chance to better prepare and deploy their forces, not as destructive or game breaking?

    IPC recycling!
    How about the idea, that if another player, on the first turn, hits your forces in their initial positions & before the owning player has had their turn, you get some kind of immediate IPC/PU refund for the forces lost? Now obviously, this would of course not help Russia, as they go first, but, depending on the details, Germany could get some significant 'cash back' if the USSR attacks them, and the more the USSR kills, the more cash back to Germany!

    Repeat this for the entire first turn, for any nation whose forces suffer losses in their starting positions. Could this help 'fix' the game? What if this only applied to the Axis forces?

    Interesting idea, or just garbage?

  • This is my first post that is attempting to have an image here, so see if this works or not.

    So, I've got a couple threads going on with the MAD and CASH BACK ideas, and this is how I visualize them in the map options screen.

    Mutually assured Destruction and CASH BACK

    Is this kinda thing a good idea for these threads?

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    @CrazyIvan Something like this has actually been done in some TripleA maps though in the inverse way to simulate surprise attacks (think Pearl Harbor). There is an option called dominatingFirstRoundAttack that makes all enemies roll at 1 instead of their normal defense. Something similar to this like PU refund or increased defense for round 1 could be added.

    dominatingFirstRoundAttack					values: means that the very first round of the game, all enemies defend on a "1" instead of their normal defense.

  • That is interesting, and might change things around quite a bit.

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