Multi-board Classic/2nd edition map.

  • Here is something I used to do like 30 years ago, and would like to see implemented into tripleA, as a fully functional playing surface. I have no idea what it would take time and effort wise, or what effect what a huge map might have on game performance, but it would really be nice to see folks getting to play some of the versions of this alternative A&A.

    4 Board classic A&A

  • Back in the day, when we were first experimenting with this, we tried different folks starting off as different nations, and this led to some questions of balance, but then we came up with the idea of all players starting off as Russia, and expanding from there. Whether or not the rest of the starting forces were setup as static 'neutral' forces that you had to blast your way through, or the boards were empty, every player was in a race to expand as far and as fast as they could.

  • When I was trying to come up with a user name for my youtube channel, I got to thinking about all the games I played as Russia, and so CrazyIvan was born. I don't really know how many of the old pieces I still have from my original collection of classic A&A games, but it looks like I still have all the carriers from them.

    16 carriers

  • When you play multi-board, you have way more cash, and thus way more units. I didn't know anyone who supplied the chips, and needed something more than the red chips, so taking a few spare white chips in hand, I went hunting for my magic markers. Experimentation showed that of the permanent markers I had ready to hand, the green and black worked best, and so 10 and 20 unit chips became a reality.

    green and black

    I remember many games, with stacks and stacks of infantry, being almost invincible, at least until the skies blackened with mass formations of long range, heavy bombers...

  • I love the Movie/tv series "Limitless", and this next shot says it all.


    Once you get a few extra sets of plastic playing pieces, you no longer have to worry about sending 6 formations of bombers out and about!

  • Admin

    @CrazyIvan You could create this map using TripleA. You would just need to take a base image of the classic map and stitch 4 of them together. Then rename territories to be like Germany1, Germany2, Germany3, Germany4.

    That being said while its an interesting idea, I'd say most players would rather have a larger world map where you say instead split each of the classic territories into 4 smaller territories rather than stitch 4 world maps together.

    I would recommend that you try some of the other existing maps that TripleA has to see what is possible and what others have already done.

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