[Open] Panama Canal broken.

  • I took the Panama Canal with the Japanese on turn three, but when I tried to transit the canal I now own during non-combat movement, it disallows as if it was still owned by an enemy?!?!

    Heh heh, I almost never do this, but I need to know whether to just scrap that game, or wait for this bug to get fixed?

    If this isn't a bug, but rather something intended, like an undocumented 1 turn delay in getting to use it, anyway to get that fixed/put as an option to turn off?

  • @CrazyIvan You need to own a canal at the start of turn to use it. That is an official A&A rule.

  • Sort of like an industrial complex is not usable until a turn owned at the start of the turn kind of thing? Gotcha. Welp, so much for going all out USN hunting, lol.

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