supportAttachment changes I would like to see

  • Here are a couple of ideas I would like to suggest for supportAttachments:
    If you define the supportAttachment where the "attachTo" equals the "unitTypes" then the supportAttachment change that units values:

    <attachment name="supportAttachmentHero-of-Humans-uses-Amulet-of-Accuracy" attachTo="Arthur" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitSupportAttachment" type="unitType">
       <option name="unitType" value="Arthur"/>

    Works how @Frostion wants. But in 'Invasion USA' the militia unit attacks at '6' when attacking by itself and at '4' when attacking with other units, even other militia units which can not be done. If a 'count' value were to be added to the 'unitTypes' properties then:

    <attachment name="supportAttachmentPartisan_Militia" attachTo="militia" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitSupportAttachment" type="unitType">
       <option name="unitType" value="militia" count="2"/>

    Would allow the attachment to only affect militia units when there more then one stacked together.

    Another would be for multi units (Combined Arms) requirements for support. If you stack the 'unitType' then only the last line is used:

    <attachment name="supportAttachmentBomber" attachTo="bomber" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitSupportAttachment" type="unitType">
       <option name="unitType" value="militia:infantry"/>
       <option name="unitType" value="mechanize:armor"/>

    Would only support 'mechanize or armor', not "and" 'militia or infantry'.

    Just some thoughts


  • Admin

    @wc_sumpton Alright, so let me see if I understand your 2 points:

    1. Being able to require more than 1 unit be present to receive support. So for the classic inf-art example, I could say make it so I need at least 2 inf present in order to receive any support from the art? Another example would be sub wolfpacks, where I need at least 2 subs together in order from the to provide each other support?

    2. Uh, not sure I'm following this one. You want to require multiple different types of units be present to receive the support? So in your example, I'd need say a inf and an armor to receive the support and if I only had 1 or the other than I wouldn't get it?

  • @redrum
    1. Yep.
    2. Yep.

    You're good at this! 🙂


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