Air-born Infantry vs Air-born Ranger Technolgy

  • According to Parachute - Wikipedia:
    The modern parachute was invented in the late 18th century by a Frenchman. He also made the first recorded public jump in 1783.
    By my calculation: that was 150 years before the start of World War II
    So, I can't begin to understand why any and/or all of the WW2 era games tend to require the development of that technology.
    Granted, it wasn't really put into practice until the end of World War I; except by troops in observation balloons. However, Germany was starting to implement it right at the end of that war.
    My point being that I would really like to see Air Transports and Paratroopers available at the start of WW2 based games. They would basically be Infantry that cost extra because they were trained to jump out of perfectly good planes.
    While US Rangers have been around since 1751; the US Army (Air-born) Rangers weren't established until 1943. So, that's the technology that should replace the Paratrooper Tech (in my opinion).
    Just saying.

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    Hi Stohrm. You can mod that as a "Map Option" if you want to.

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