Ancient Empires: 222 BC

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    @Name said in Ancient Empires: 222 BC:

    Ok let's keep this on topic and I'll pm @Cernel on the 270BC things.

    Not much point to pm me, this is what I initially said:
    @Cernel said in Ancient Empires: 222 BC:

    @Name By the way, since it is practically the same of what you are already doing, if you want to review all 270BC names, making a full list of all those that are wrongly named or wrongly placed (Siwa…), and post it in the 270BC thread

    If not, that's fine. Anyways, once this map is done, anyone can use it to compare its names with the one in 270BC, relatively to the drawings.

  • Meanwhile I've been mostly busy with other things, but have done several minor adjustments to borders (not worth showcasing). Hopefully I'll have more time for this soon.

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