Big World 1942 v3 - playing AI games never end if playing on after Industrial Victory

  • I cant for the life of me work out why games never end when playing the AI. To make it more of a challenge I only ever play 1 country and make the rest Fast AI. Once Industrial Victory is reached for enemy or myself if you opt to play on even when every territory is conqured including neutral territories the game still don't end - why is that. I thought it would at least tell you game over or offer the chance to make the surving powers enemies but just to go on forever with no purpose seems weird. I lost playing as USA so just left it running in background while i did other things came back and it was on round 88 and just the Axis armies were massive but to what ends?

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    @bluelionman When you "opt to play on", you are not deciding to change your victory condition. You are just playing on, while having already won the game, and you cannot win (or lose) a game you already won.

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