Some units not showing up properly

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    I made all the units and put them in their places in the french units folder, but many units still have the normal appearance.

    Do the french use reskinned versions of other countries units? If so, how can I change it to be so the french use units from their own folder?

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    @JOSEPH-PRINCE Assuming you are simply swapping images in the original map, I strongly suggest you making a mapskin, instead. This is the proper way of making custom skins, will have the advantage of keeping your work surely separate and should assure you against the risk of unintentionally overwriting it (maybe by redownloading the map).

    As far as your current issue goes, my best bet is that you made at least one duplicate of this map (probably by unzipping it), and are now working on the one the program is not actually looking at.

  • Thanks for the help! it works now.

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