TWW 2 vs. 2 with gully, Nothingtoseehere, ubernaut and colin

  • @Gully , @ubernaut ,@colin . So which ruleset and which distribution of factions to players are we going to do?

  • So going from your usual settings. I would prefer Low Luck for Tech and go to war with neutrals only and no tech sharing.

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    @Nothingtoseehere not really too interested in low luck at this point. i think the first thing we need to figure out is how we are splitting our teams.

  • I like diplomacy and tech sharing but I can do without them, as for the teams, I think gully had a good suggestion yesterday, although it might be good if we had five people, so each major power is a different player. If not though this is good too

  • @ubernaut: I don't want low luck for battles only for Tech. It doesn't make Tech much more dicey it just gives the opportunity to not get a tech when rolling with 12+ dice. But that doesn't make it more interessting only more frustrating in my opininion. If you could get more than one technology if you roll more than one 12 It would have the same diceyness up- and downside as it does in battles but with only one technology per turn it just keeps the downside with no upside.

    As for splitting the teams I'd prefer to play with my friend (gully) on the same side. So if you would be finde to play with colin we can decide who plays axis and woho plays allies. I would discuss my moves with my friend so to keep it fair you can and probably should do that too. Though if you fear that gives us to much of an advantage since we know each other longer we can split up.

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    you guys have played the map many more times than we have its not a very fair split i think. regardign tech i think having a guaranteeed hit makes it a little less fun but i guess wouldnt have any trouble trying it. 🙂

  • @ubernaut: Ok. I'm better than gully and you're better than colin I think. So fairest would probabyl be Ntsh/colin vs. gully/ubernaut

  • interesting call with the teams. Yeah I kinda like it.

    What I'd find interesting: No secret communication allowed. You are allowed to talk to your partner, but only in this thread where the opponents can see it too. Which then leaves the question open, do you want to give the opponents information about your plans? Perhaps that weakens Allies more than Axis.

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    @Gully i dont agree communication should be restricted to here that will make this too difficult.

    @Nothingtoseehere i would say @colin and i are actually pretty even, but whatever. 🙂

  • @ubernaut @colin @Gully So is everyone fine with the teams? Then we can probably go to distributing the factions.

  • @Gully I think it could be interesting, but maybe with some talk about strategy allowed at the beginning and every now and then. As for the teams, that works for me. I'd prefer the allies as I just started a game against ubernaut as the axis, but I'm flexible with that too

  • @colin which part of the allies do you want? As I saifd Yesterday I think splitting them into Russia/USA and China/UK makes the most sense in my opinion. Are the others fine with playing axis?

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    fyi i don't think i can handle more than one TWW game at a time and now that 2.0 is out already albeit a bit buggy i personally would rather table this until our current match is done since we were forced to start in 1.9. maybe you guys can practice agasnt each other in the meantime and get more even?

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    here's another question how should we handle multinational battles? seems like we will need to make arrangements for any multinational defenders.

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    also, i think splitting of factions should be between teammates and subject to private conference prior to the start of the game. i think if anything is going to make the extra hassle of all of this coordination worth it, that would be improved strategy by a sort of meeting of the minds amongst teammates.

  • @ubernaut: I don't think me nor Gully will come even close to you guys speed so maybe we should give the start a try and see if we can't run both. I don't think Gully is particularly eager to play just me or we would have done so a while ago. The only Thing to decide in multinational battles is order of loss, so in my opinion this can be handled by one of the participants unless both are availlable.
    Also if the axis split into Germany/ Italy for one and Japan for the other they shouldn't have many instances where both Players are needed. bThe same could probably be said with a Russia/China and USA/UK split with the exception of the occasional Russian ship in a mostly UK/US-fleet, though I'd imagine that'd be a bit boring for the Russia/China player.
    I didn't mean to say that everyone has to agrre to my proposed split of the factions I just thought It would give the most even Distribution of things to do/ variety /power in a 2vs. 2. It certainly can be decided by the teams to do it another way. I think for the multinational battle problem an axis split into Germany/Italy for one and Japan for the other player and an allies split into Russia/China for one and USA/UK for the other player does remove most of the problems.
    @colin: Do you have a preferred voice chat option I have Steam and Teamspeak immediately available.

  • Yeah, if UK and USA are the same player (and Germany and Italy), it's never a problem to have multinational defenders. Even if, it's an easy decision what to lose first and can be corrected by edit. Realistically, it is only mixed fleets in the Pacific and they can provide an OOL beforehand.

    I think the Allies split into Russia/China and UK/USA is not even, UK/USA is a lot more to do. Maybe split it Russia/USA and UK/China?

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    @Nothingtoseehere so if you think you are slower than we are then we definitely should not start a game until 2.0 is stable enough to use.

    Also, OOL in our games often times depends on the perceived intent of the attacker and roll outcomes it is not simple a lot of the time.

    Again i think the faction splitting should be between teammates to decide personally.

    Finally, with regards to my previous comment even if time were not an issue i just don't have the bandwidth to play more than one TWW game at a time. Even playing a revised game and a TWW game at the same time is a bit much imo.

    What time zones are you guys in maybe the split should be decided that way.

  • @Gully That Split was my first suggestion when we discussed the possibility of a 2 vs.2 I also think it's the best in terms of even split in power/variety of things to do.

  • @Nothingtoseehere I have steam, I've never done voice chat but I could figure it out, although it seems it may be a bit in the future

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