New Release

  • Been having a lot of fun with it 🙂 Still getting used to all the bells and whistles. Although I've played around with it before, I really like the, what did I buy ? and what do I have to move? It's saved me a few times already.

    I know there's a lot of other cool stuff to discover and even though it's having a few birth pains, I think it's a major improvement. Actually, I think this is a High Water mark for TripleA. A ton of diverse Maps, a pile of Players, multiple Developers, makes me say a Big Thank You to All who make it happen.

    The World is a better place with Triplea

    Rock On !!!.png

  • Canada attack with 1 EscortCarrier, 1 destroyerC5 and 1 tactical_bomber; Americans loiter and taunt

    Americans loiter and taunt lol

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