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    Hi all! I've decided it's time for a little fun and have started accepting donations for a general pot to award the top 3 most improved players. No sign-up required, all active players with an ELO score will be eligible. No start date set yet, but if I can get the donations in quickly we can roll out soon!

    To those unaware of the RPC ( Revised Player Chart ) link is here:

    There is a sheet at the bottom I'm currenty working on labeled "Tournament 2024" that has the details and ways to donate.

    Thank you all and hope to see many bots filled soon!

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  • @cernel for reference, the TODO list:

    The "Split maps & lobby servers" is a pretty big item on that list. Last time I had some energy to dedicate to TripleA there was some good progress made on it, but a lot more to do. It's been really hard to find both time & energy for further sessions.

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  • @cernel i want to get a regular (monthly?) devchat going, i need to make time for a post

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    @myrd said in 2.6 Release Getting Close - Need Volunteers to Help Beta Test 2.6:

    @cernel said in 2.6 Release Getting Close - Need Volunteers to Help Beta Test 2.6:

    @Alexei-Svitkine It seems you are working a lot on pushing this release, which is great.

    Do you have an idea in months from now of when 2.6 shall be released?

    Well, my hope would be in the next couple of months, but it also depends on other team members. I think there's some map download and lobby server related stuff that I think @LaFayette would need to resolve, since I'm not really familiar with any of the server-side infra.

    And I think @redrum wanted to look at fixing play-by-forum functionality.

    On my side, I've just been focusing on fixing client / gameplay bugs - particularly, ones that are regressions from 2.5. I have a few more I plan to look at and of course, if new stuff is discovered, I can look at those too.

    Any updates?

    Assuming nobody is working on it right now, are any developers planning to get back to it or are we waiting for someone else to join the project and take it over?

    Sorry for querying, but I guess that is a reasonable curiosity after over six months by now.

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