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    I'm glad to see it's working fine again. TY @lafayette (or whoever it was, probably lafayette tho, either that or roiex)

    also good that you fixed Global.

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    I know there is a small group that go way long back, so I belive that must be the one you call "the regular players" Personal I been here for +10 years and play several that been atleast that long to and several other players wery regular players. just e play the big maps (waw, nml, nwo) so maybe you distingues between map groups.
    My belive is that there is a flow of come and go players and a steady group of players that stay for years. the problem in my eyes is not the walue of the site more that we are not good enough to spread the "word"
    just my point 😄

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  • I'd be surprised if some players didn't gravitate towards A&AOnline for 1942 ranked play. It makes sense for peeps that are into that stuff. You know, a more formal continuous tournament type environment with the official A&A branding and whatnot, that has a definite appeal. On the other hand tripleA has a number of advantages in my view, the main one being that it's possible to play live, and also to play offline, whether hotseat or solo style vs AI. Kind of a big deal, since online platforms for digital play can come and go, but often when they go, the players who are still invested in it just get left holding the bag. You know like happened with Game Table Online lol. Also if you want to say record/edit a particular gamestate, or just to simply "save" a game, those are things you can do here, that you can't really do elsewhere. Similarly, if you like the older games like Classic or Revised, tripleA is the only way to play those that hasn't been defunct for years already. Or if you like more complex stuff like Global or any variants thereof. I think TripleA is cool for people who like to tinker and design too, which is the real strength and enduring appeal I'd say, since it's pretty adaptive for that. The things TripleA can do that A&AOnline can't is a draw for me. I've never been very involved in the TripleA warclubs or tournament ladders, since ranked play doesn't excite me all that much, whereas things like customization and scenario mod design definitely does. Even for the ladder type stuff though, like if you're interested in Global or v3, there's really nowhere else to do that digitally. And if you like playing vs a computer, Redrums HardAI is still a lot better than anything else I've seen, even for 1942, which is kinda funny given that it still doesn't understand the Victory Conditions hehe. But who knows, maybe at some point an actual AI will materialize and we'll get a triple deep blue that can just beat every one no contest, and then paint a picture a magic avatar of your generals grimacing to boot lol. I mean who knows right?

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    @panther a lot of my/our playing partners are not here anymore, not even prastle. so dint mean the game engine or site itself, but def less regular players.

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