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  • @beelee Yeah, unless something is not as expected; 2.6 and beyond should no longer show that message (either the save will run, or it won't due to some other error; but the engine will stop refusing to even to try and load the save game)

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    @lafayette said in TripleA Project Update: 2.6 Status & Changes to Release Strategy:

    There was a check in the engine that verified a save-game version was at or before the current engine version. This check is removed in 2.6

    Right on so this error should no longer happen then ?

    Screenshot from 2022-09-02 12-48-34.png

    This is trying to run 2.5 with a 2.6 save.

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  • @beelee regarding save-game compatibility.

    AFAIK current save-game compatibility goes back to 2.0; A 2.5 saved game should play fine on 2.0 and vice versa. There is a needless compatibility check based on version alone in the game (that was overly opinionated and removed in 2.6) that does prevent newer saves from being launched on older engines (eg: 2.5 save being played on 2.4). There is nothing physically otherwise preventing a 2.4 engine from playing a newer save, except that version check which we have removed in 2.6 (so 2.7 saves should be playable in 2.6)

    Save games are difficult to keep compatible, really just very constraining for how much we can change the code around. This is a bad thing as it's not obvious when save games would break, and not being able to update the code structure means we have pretty inflexible designs that we tend to have to build on (which is dirty and makes things worse) compared to cleaning it up and doing things right. It's pretty high on the list to change how save games are done so we would not have these problems.

    There is a build check that runs before we merge any code that validates existing saves can still be loaded by the engine. This has been really helpful to keep let us know when save game compatibility is lost. So, we have pro-actively been working to ensure that save games keep working.

    There was a check in the engine that verified a save-game version was at or before the current engine version. This check is removed in 2.6 since very often there is nothing physically wrong with a future save (it can be played just fine on older 2.x engines).

    All that is to say, as long as we keep version compatibility in the code, it does not matter which version a save is coming from, or which version the save is read into.

    Further, if we do break compatibility, we'll have a partition for the lobby and will have multiple lobbies running. When we bump the version number to '2.7' for example, there will be a new '2.7' lobby and any '2.7' clients will automatically be routed there. Meanwhile the '2.6' lobby would continue to be there and so there is a capability there to keep similar clients together. Presumably when we break save-game compatibility it will be a '3.0' version.

    That is to say, we can & will run multiple lobbies in parallel, one for each 'major.minor' version. Requests are automatically routed to the right lobby, and so players on a similar version will be kept in a cohort. We have the option too as well to force an upgrade by turning off an older lobby and that should generate a message to the client that they should update. This will likely be done when there are network incompatibilities. When we jump to a '3.0', we may do something like try to build an automatic save-game upgrader, or we'll just suffer incompatibility and keep a '2.x' lobby running to allow those games to be played out.

    We have on the road map to change how save game compatibility is done so that it will be far easier to maintain. I suspect when we break save-game compatibility it will be so that we can move to this system. TBD how we will do that exactly. Overall though, there should be enough mechanisms in place where the compatibility will be explicit and we won't have cases where accidental version differences cause problems.

    Generally, I'm not worried about save game compatibility for now and doing lots of releases. We've been able to maintain save-game compatibility for a good 3 years now, it's something we can continue until we are ready to re-write how save games are done.

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