About the Battle Lost sound

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    The "Battle Lost" (used at least also when retreating land or sea units) sound sounds to me as being too loud compared to most other sounds, and generally unpleasant to hear.

    Moreover, you hear it even when you play a game like "270BC", and I think that is bad, as the sound is clearly late modern, so it should never play in games identified as "classical". I think the sound should be in "ww2", not in "generic" (not sure if this would matter, in this case).

    I believe the sound is in assets/sounds/generic/battle_failure.

    I'm posting here in forum because this is mostly a personal opinion, and I wonder if others dislike this sound.

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    Also, if I'm being attacked and my opponent loses the battle or retreats, why do I even hear the "Battle Lost" sound? I didn't lose the battle: I won it! Shouldn't this sound be given only to the player assigned to the turn power or, at most, also to the other players of its side only? Maybe the win/lose sounds should be switched over for the opposite side?


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