Control of unit costs as a feature in Total WW Dec 1941 3.0

  • Has anyone given consideration to allowing cost choice for units to be set prior to game play? Also some variability on capabilities, like giving Destroyers the ability to have 2 pts of transport. The old Hasbro A&A used to allow alteration of the costs to a degree.
    Specifically, I want to attempt to prevent the AI from building transports and using them as cannon fodder for one or two naval combat vessels allowing 3 or so destroyers plus a gaggle of transports to take out an entire fleet of combat ships and planes.
    My idea is if transports were made to cost 9, instead of 7, and maybe give them 6 or 7 pts of transport, coupled with the Destroyer getting 2 pts of transport, perhaps the AI would not build so many transports, or at least they would be better protected by combat ships.
    In any case, whether you like my specific solution or not, having the ability to alter the unit costs for countries would provide endless variation. You could make country differences, for example, with infantry that would throw more spice into the game.

  • Hi @madvitale

    It can kinda be done now but is labor intensive. For some you need to make a separate unit and then have that unit activate via a "map option". Others you should be able to alter their abilities with triggers without adding an entirely new unit.

  • How about just giving Destroyers the 2 pts of transport and making them cost 9, coupled with making Transports have 7 pts of transport and also cost 9? Would the AI still build umpty-ump Transports? If they cost the same, and there was a limited tsp ability, perhaps more Destroyers would be built? Would just this be a hard thing to add as a 'clickable' feature?

  • @madvitale
    I'm not sure how the AI would react. When changing cost you need a new unit. A new unit needs to have everything the old unit does, so quite a bit of work.

    Transport capacity should be able to be done with conditions/triggers only. I think 🙂 So not too bad.

    You have to alter the xml. Explained here:


    It takes a while to get the hang of, unless you happen to be a triplea savant : ) If you wanna pursue it, people will help.

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