Big World 1942 v3 Quiry

  • I can't find a rule book to look up every kind of thing so wish to ask the makers a question.
    When being attacked on a sea zone by Germany with heavy Bombers I was asked if Britain wanted to submerge subs - as I guess it was a sea zone owned by the Brits but it had in it 2 British Super sub and 1 standard Russian sub. I said no to that think though they cant fire against planes I would be able to use them as my first casualties - however when it came time to selecting hits I was not offered up the subs to chose from.

    So if subs cant be hit by plans even when staying on the surface whats the point of the choice to stay up - or maybe that's in case there was a combined naval and air attack on them?

    So okay can someone confirm 100% subs can not be used as cannon fodder against air attacks only on ones navy - I would of thought that was (or should be) allowed?

  • @bluelionman

    yea they can't be used as fodder. It's just the way triplea does it. I thought the same thing. I believe it's for version 3 rules though. Idk if the others are different

  • @beelee Defo think that should be a change.... surely seems more sensible if you leave subs surfaced they can be hit there for you should be able to select them as casualties as they are the cheapest sea unit and redundant if ya opponent no longer has any navy. Also I understand unlike the original A&A transports don't get to be used as cannon fodder and cant fire but thought a step up would be subs could at least be cannon fodder by owners choice though also unable to fire at / hit planes. It then makes sense use them to surround your more precious naval units and they still have a use when opponent has no navy near to suck up hits from air strikes. It's handicap enough subs cant fire at planes but that they cant even suck up hits is to much.

  • @bluelionman

    yea those are the A&A rules so that's why it does it. You can mod things so they behave differently to a certain extent, although I'm unfortunately having some trouble with that in the current release.

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