How to use 'canMoveThroughEnemies' with land units?

  • Trying to get a land unit 'helicopter' to act like a air unit, but not require it to land. There are other isAir units so using the step property 'removeAirThatCanNotLand' does not sound like the answer. It would work for all isAir units if the helicopter were changed.

    The property 'Submersible Subs' is set to 'true'. The helicopter looks like:

    <attachment name="unitAttachment" attachTo="helicopter" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attachments.UnitAttachment" type="unitType">
       <option name="movement" value="4"/>
       <option name="attack" value="3"/>
       <option name="defense" value="3"/>
       <option name="transportCapacity" value="1"/>
       <option name="isLandTransport" value="false"/>
       <option name="canRetreatOnStalemate" value="true"/>
       <option name="canMoveThroughEnemies" value="true"/>

    I've tried adding 'isSub'. When I added 'canBlitz' then it blitzes through enemy controlled territories, but can not move through an enemy occupied territory. So am I missing something, or does 'canMoveThroughEnemies' not work with land units?



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    @wc_sumpton I discussed this with @redrum and I believe this is a problem. I believe he intended that in such a case the unit should be able to move through, albeit without conquering the territory. I've never opened an issue because I'm not currently offering a map in which it can be tested, but probably someone should open the issue anyway, even if the option hasn't been used yet.

  • @Cernel
    Thank you sir. Will get to bug reporting it soon.


  • @wc_sumpton
    <option name="canRetreatOnStalemate" value="true"/>

    Didnt know that exists. Where it derives from?
    Because i set up Battle Rounds to 1 and stalemate is plenty.

  • @wc_sumpton
    2.0 has a new XML option canRetreatOnStalemate. We can use that to explicitly allow conscripts an option to retreat on stalemate.

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