How to only block Subs with Destroyers

  • Hi there
    As long i cannot determine that isDestroyer will negate canEvade (submerge) in a 1:1 ratio, i try to find a solution about to compensate the missing aspect.
    The first thing i made was just some supportAttachments to give the Destroyer -1AD to all Subs at 1:1. I am pretty fine with that.
    But now i want to add canMoveThroughEnemies to my more advanced Submarines (unlike Submersibles) but want it be blockable by Destroyers, which lets me run in circles because then again only 1 unit will prevent my 40 Subs to sneak through.
    The only way to prevent 1 unit to negate a fleet is to stick to my simple debuff suppportattachment.
    Any other ideas out there?

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    This is wrong here, please someone move this to map making, or better delete

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