Mac users: Please help test #2082

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    The dev team currently has very limited access to resources that allow us to test new features and bug fixes on macOS. It would be greatly appreciated if a Mac user from the community could do a little testing to ensure the Mac build still works as expected after the merge of #2082.

    You can test #2082 using any pre-release build from onwards. The tests that need to be run are described below. Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification if needed.

    Install test

    Install TripleA from the .dmg file as you normally would. Verify that the TripleA logo appears on each page of the installer as it did in the previous release.

    System tray icon test

    Start TripleA. Verify that the TripleA icon in the system tray appears unchanged from the previous release.

    Uninstall test

    Uninstall TripleA. Verify that the TripleA logo appears on each page of the uninstaller as it did in the previous release.

  • @ssoloff I’m playing TA on Mac OS. Did you still need testing?

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    Thanks for the offer, @cmmiles. I believe this particular issue has been resolved because we have at least one dev on the team who's done some extensive testing with a Mac since I posted this. However, Mac is still probably the platform that gets the least amount of test coverage, in general, so if you happen to notice anything strange, please don't hesitate to report it in the Help & Questions category here or by opening a new issue on GitHub.

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