balancing around higher number of dice sides

  • I want to have my map have a higher number of sides on my dice, 20 to be exact. I am trying to decide how to balance that out. There are some like my medic that I know are just going to have 0 for their attack no matter what, but something like a sniper would have more. Currently I have a sniper that attacks for 5. I also have a rocket that respawns every turn like in the warcraft map that will roll twice at 5 on the first turn. But when i look at traditional A&A, that has rolls of 4 out of 6 that seems low. I do plan on having techs that increase those numbers, so that late game the heavy hitters will get up to 10 or so, but thinking of how the traditional maps do it, that seems like it is low. Any thoughts welcome!


  • @ff03k64 In practice the number of hits (normally the number of units) is more important than the combat value. Small differences in the Attack or Defense strength don't have much impact. The unit's effectiveness is basically the square root of combat value.

  • I guess i was more thinking that there has to be a point where battles slow down a lot because it just takes so long for hits to register. It also seems like it might also affect how effective buffs and debuffs are.

  • @ff03k64 Rather than giving the late game units higher combat values, you could use negative support attachments to reduce enemy strength. Your infantry equivalent should have a hit chance of at least 25% on defense to avoid overly long battles.

  • @RogerCooper My goal is to make it like the xcom game, so i will be having a relatively predetermined tech tree, probably simplified a bit though, and some of those techs are just straight up improvements to weapons. so for each weapon tech, i figured it would have an attack increase of 1 across the board for the xcom side. I can make my general units have around 5 attack instead of my currently thinking 3 though. Thanks!

    Any particular reason you suggested the debuffs as an option? Just looking for ideas, and figured your reasoning could make me think about something in a different way.

  • @ff03k64 Debuffs would allow units to have roughly constant hit percents, while still allowing tech improvement.

    Higher tech units could also be cheaper, as it would take fewer soldiers to achieve the same effect.

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