Anyone like to draw maps?

  • I started creating a map using the WW2v2/3(?) TripleA map. It is working great for creating my units and figuring out my triggers, etc. But I am getting to the point where i want to have some sort of final map figured out, so i don't have to go back and adjust too much stuff afterwards.

    Is anyone interested in helping me design and draw such a map? I am a terrible artist.


  • It is a lot of work to do map from scratch. First see if there is an existing map that meets your needs. I assume you want a map of the world so check TripleA World Maps and Category: World

  • I looked there once before, and that is when I decided on my current map to start with. But i think my goals have grown to much for any current map. @Frostion Warcraft map has a lot of the type of things I want to do. I have never seen a world map with anything like that. I will look through it again though.

  • What are the features you are looking for?

  • @RogerCooper I want something like his backpack for my research tree. I also have currently 9 units, and hoping to do 8 more that I want to be able to do promotions for, so each unit could use a section to show which promotions they have.

    Another thing that I have not remotely figured out yet is how I would do the air game, but it will probably require special territories somewhere. That is why my first comment mentioned designing the map as well

  • @ff03k64 You don't need a new map to show promotions. Just include the details in the game notes.

  • @RogerCooper I will type up a better response when I am on a computer, but to know how much detail i should type, have you ever played xcom?

    edit: typos, typing on phone is annoying

  • In XCOM, at the beginning, there are 8 basic soldier classes and a 'tank'. They then get promotions as the go. In the version that I am basing this on, there are 7 ranks with 3 perks to choose from. While i don't plan to get all 7 ranks, or 3 picks per rank, i would like to give people some choice. I could just assume they remember what they chose i guess, but it would be nice to have a way to display it.

    I also want to have researches visible to some extent, in order to have an actual tree with prerequisites. I guess i wouldn't have to display them, but it feels like it would be nice to do so. Especially if some of them have an effect on game play. Since having a unit on the board to activate triggers seems like the best way to do some things.

  • @ff03k64

    You can display different icon on unit images to represent upgrades. Using a '' with links to techs, and the images(icons), the process is not that hard. Check out Total World War by @Hepps for how this is done.


  • @wc_sumpton I have thought about that, but then for anything that applies to the basic or early versions, would also need to apply to later versions, so i would have to make all the supportattachments a bunch of times. While that would just be a bunch of copy pasting, i would rather do/learn new stuff.

    Plus there are some techs that will do stuff to all units, not just upgrade specific ones. I need to think about it some more as well. That is part of what this thread is for as well. I think i will need a new map for part of my game anyway. So might as well do it all at once.

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