Expanded Politics Actions chart in Global

  • Has anyone ever wanted to play an alternative history game of Japan and England versus Russia/Germany with a neutral US? Or reached the end of a standard scenario, where Russia dominates Eurasia and UK/US control all else. Maybe you wanted to continue the war against Russia.

    Is there any way to expand the Political Action chart in Global? I know its possible since other campaigns have larger political action options. Napoleonic Empires comes to mind or Greyhawk.

    For that matter, could there be an option to choose "Free for All" in Global?

    But, it would be excellent to have a way to set up alternate games of Axis and Allies with programming of Political Actions that already exists within the TripleA architecture.

    Thanks All.

    An Interested Party

  • Hi @InterestedParty

    You should be able to do this. "Pact of Steel 2" explains how to modify the game.


    You may want to start a new thread at MapMaking

  • If you just want to continue your game, could you go to edit mode and change the politics?

    I think someone is working on a scenario for if the Axis win, based off the book "The Man in the High Castle"

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