Second combat movement phase

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    I am making a map and trying a second combat movement phase and second combat phase after the first ones, so as to be able to have tank units exploit breakthroughs. I inserted the second set of phases into the xml and it seems to work mostly the way I want it to. The sequence of play is: 1) Combat Movement Phase, 2) Combat Phase, 3) Combat Movement Phase, 4) Combat Phase, 5)Non-Combat Movement Phase. Units which did not move during the first combat movement phase can move during the second combat movement phase. Unfortunately when I try to move a unit through an area that was conquered during the first combat phase, deeper into enemy controlled territory, it won't let me and it says, "cannot move out of a battle into enemy territory." Is there any way to overcome this? It seems like a battle is created when entering the area and it is not ended right away when the area is conquered. Thanks

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    Well I have played with it a little more. If the area one attacks during the first combat phase is still enemy-controlled at the end of the first combat phase (either because you just attack with air units or because there is a ground unit but it does not survive the attack), then during the second combat movement phase you can move a friendly ground unit into the area and then directly into another enemy-controlled area. Otherwise, you can move into the attacked, now-friendly-controlled area, but not then move from there into an enemy-controlled area.

    Then I tried putting the second combat movement and combat at the very end of the turn, after the EndTurn phase and now it works, I can move into the previously attacked area (whether it is friendly-controlled or enemy-controlled) and from there directly into an enemy-controlled area. You cannot use air units to support any attack you make in the second combat phase (because they had to land during noncombat movement). But this does not bother me.

    If anyone has a better way to do this please let me know.

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