Revised Tournament of Champions (ToC 16)

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    After a very fun and successful ToC15 (no disputes, no games over deadline, several epic games), the next ToC (ToC16) is now open for business and accepting signups!!! Please respond to this post if you would like to play. @prastle and I will again run the tournament, and the rules will be the same as ToC15 with these possible exceptions: 1) prize money, if any, is currently TBD, and 2) the tournament might be single elimination vs. double elimination. EDIT: The tournament will remain double elimination based on participant feedback.

    EDIT, the prize pool is $155, to be distributed $85 for 1st place, $45 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place Thank you to the following donors:

    @Agency10 $25
    @bayder $25
    @calbears72 $25
    @Eboy82 $25
    @jbwood53 $25
    @Kindwind $5
    @nardwagg $25

    As always, there is NO ENTRY FEE, so please register ASAP in order to secure a spot.
    HOW TO PLAY: download the latest updated TripleA software (for free) here:
    FORMAT: Play by Email or Play by Forum, or live online (if jointly agreed). Instructions here:
    Please note the detailed set of rules located at this link:
    Please do note the newly updated rules on the subs.
    Please share this link with all of your friends. The goal is to attract as many players as possible to the healthy TripleA community.

    The ToC16 bracket can be found at: (ignore the bracket until the field and seedings are set when the tournament begins)

    Current Rules:
    With the release of 2.0 coming we will not be adding an engine change for the tocs. Simply stated which I am sure @panther can elaborate here. Allied fighters will be considered cargo on another allies Carrier. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO ATTACK! When for example a placement has allowed a magical fleet to suddenly appear. They can remain as cargo. Of course the allied fleet in question will have to do something on their turn. Sadly the engine does not allow this and forces them to attack. Thus a player can move them in combat anywhere and return them in non combat to land on the same ac. EVEN though this is against the rulebook about having to have combat etc. Yes they can be edited off and returned but it would be better if people just use common sense and avoid having to use the editor and the questions that might arise.... this link has some more info

    THE RULE! AS PER @Panther and @Cernel
    Since all fighters on any carriers are considered cargo, at the start of the turn and until they launch, cannot launch after the carrier moves and you are never obliged to launch any fighters from any carriers (unless you want them to engage in combat):
    Any fighters owned by the turn power that are cargo on allied carriers in hostile sea zones can stay in the same zones without attacking anything for the whole Combat Move and Conduct Combat phases. If they do so, they can still launch, move and land, if wanted, during the subsequent Non Combat Move phase.
    Any fighters owned by the turn power that are cargo on carriers owned by the turn power, as well, can remain cargo to their carriers for the whole Combat Move and Conduct Combat phases (thus not attacking anything, no matter what the carrier does, and being removed if the carrier is taken as casualty). Then, if the carrier didn't move, during the Combat Move phase, nor retreated, during the Conduct Combat phase, they can still launch, move and land, if wanted, during the subsequent Non Combat Move phase. In any case, fighters must remain cargo for the whole turn, if not launched before the carrier, they are cargo of, moves.
    As the current TripleA program (incorrectly, for this game) always forces you to launch all your fighters, please be sure to enable edit mode and remove any fighters you want to keep as cargo (especially any fighters on allied carriers inside hostile sea zones you want to keep inside the same zones without attacking anything). Any such fighters you remove will be considered being cargo, during both the Combat Move and the Conduct Combat phases. Then, as long as the carriers, they are cargo of, have not been removed, still with edit mode, add them back, into the same sea zones as the carriers they are cargo of, during the subsequent Non Combat Move phase (if the carrier already moved or retreated, be sure not to move the fighters on it, that you just added back) (edit mode doesn't allow adding fighters back as cargo, so you will have to wait them landing, to be assigned to any carriers).
    In case any doubts might arise about what is cargo of what, upon removing or adding any fighters, be sure to make it clear (by immediately notifying your opponent and at least one tournament organizer of your choice).

    Hard Deadline for every game: 21 days
    Hard Deadline for each turn for every opponent: 24 hours
    Hard Deadline for the game who are in the WINNERS bracket: 21 days
    Hard Deadline for the game who are in the LOSERS bracket: 21 days
    Hard Deadline for each turn who are in the WINNERS bracket: 24 hours
    Hard Deadline for each turn who are in the LOSERS bracket: 24 hours

    Current Signups (32 players out of 32 slots):




  • I would like to play please

  • I would play too.

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    Count me in

  • Count me in as the 16 seed Bantha fodder

  • Count me in.

  • Add jbwood53. Thanks!

  • Thanks for organizing, please count me in! 😊

  • hi,
    I would like to join.
    thanks to Prastle and Bayder for taking care of this.

  • Please sign me up. I am open for an epic game ending in defeat 😉

  • I would like to play.

  • I would like to sign up, and give my vote for double elimination - for those of us who are at risk of drawing a really good player in the first round, that doesn't give much of a chance to play more than one quality game. If not enough time for a full double elimination, then perhaps a bye for the first round for the top 8 players or something.

  • I would like to join!

  • Yes I would like to play.

    Vahe345 is my triplea name.

  • Unfortunately something came up. Please remove me. Apologies.

  • can I play?? please sign up!!!

  • Sign me up please

  • I want in please!

  • Please include me, thanks!

  • @bayder I would like to to sign up please.

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