Map Validation Tool

  • In brief, add a "Map Validator" feature button to the Map Creator Tools that, among other things, proactively checks to ensure that there are no "Missing Images" in a map, as well as various other functionality which I'm sure others will elaborate on.

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    @Thomas-Leavitt "Missing Images" is a particular problem for playtesting using case insensitive systems (Windows). When testing maps in such systems, the case is ignored, so you cannot test if you have all your cases right (for example, World At War used to have a unit with a wrong case, and this didn't cause any problems for Windows users, but made Mac and Linux users to crash).

    Beside this feature request, is it possible to make Windows case sensitive?

  • The common solution for this is to simply lowercase all filename references in the program itself, which I'm really surprised TripleA doesn't already do. That would entirely eliminate this class of problems.