Single Player Maps

  • I am trying to get some idea of what maps are playable in single player, and recommended settings/edits to make it a fun game. Most of my game play has been in TripleA 2.2 and 2.3.

    Please post other recommendations!

    Single Player Ready To Go

    • Labyrinth - 1.0 - repository

    Single Player Good: just need adjustments to income to find the right difficulty for you.

    • All the maps that are based on a well known board game - repository
    • World War 2010 - 1.3.1 - repository
    • New World Order - 1.8.7 - repository
    • Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth - 1.6.0 - repository

    Single Player Friendly: more substantial adjustments, but still good single player maps.

    • Age of Tribes - 1.0.9 - repository
      ** AI wasn't aggressive enough on the early starting date (Primeval) version. I am not sure how they do with technology. Later start date and an income bonus should help make for a good game.

    • Dragon War - 1.2.8 - repository
      ** AI does okay. AI can't understand the non standard resources so it under performs. Giving them an income bonus should help them overcome this to some extent. They also don't really understand the namesake of the map, and hence make poor use of dragons.

    • Iron War - 0.3.1 - repository
      ** AI does okay. Biggest recommendation is to give the AI extra fuel barrels, particularly for naval powers. I would give the a minimum of 5 green to minor nations and 15 to major nations. Just giving them virtually infinite fuel would not be a bad choice either.
      Second option is to not build any green (synthetic) fuel yourself, but I would still give the AI some extra fuel.

    • Twelve Clans - 1.3 - repository
      ** AI does okay. (I played the 4 team version, but i would guess that the rest would be similar.) It doesn't understand the units that create other units (Nobiri i think). I recommend doing their first purchase phase for them and buying them for the AI, or just editing them in for the AI.

    • Warcraft: War Heroes - 0.1.4 - repository
      ** AI does okay. It has difficulty with the non standard resources and will under perform because of this. I would recommend giving them some bonus income in compensation.
      ** The AI also can't do anything about the RPG aspect of this map. You could either do this for the AI periodically, or just not make use of it for yourself.

    Not single player friendly

    • War of the Relics - 2.0.3 - repository
      ** The only way i can see to make this work would be to play their first turn for them, but i haven't tried it.

  • In hopes of lots of people putting their suggestions in as well, I am holding onto the first reply

  • You should take a look at my scenario thread in which I discuss many scenarios from a play against the AI point of view.

    Most scenarios are playable against the AI. Only scenarios that have non-PU resources tend be a problem.

    I suggest only playing 1 nation, as it is more interesting to have deal with AI allies..

    Playing Russia in most WW2 scenarios is interesting, as the AI does not play the Western allies as well as it plays the Axis. Australia is interesting in the Global game.

  • @RogerCooper Australia likes to send aircraft to defend India and even Russia, has random fleets running about playing poker, gets Canberra captured with no meaningful effort to hold it, keeps right on clicking like nothing happened...

  • @AprilForever It is fun to play Australia and to optimize its play. Well-timed attacks and retreats can throw the Japanese off-balance and divert the Japanese enough to give the Allies victory.

    I general, it is more fun to play one of the Allies with everyone else on AI and try to depend on your AI allies.

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