Your Big World version preference?

  • What are your preferences for which Big World version and why? Big World seems to be the better map for longer term play but I'm still new here and have limited experience with both maps.

    So which version do you prefer and why? I interested in the pros and cons to them.

  • Pros of Big World v3

    -Japan's bogged down in China depicted well.
    -Representation of British colonial facilities.
    -v3 rules, Italian presence

    Cons of Big World v3;

    -Favours Allies
    -Lack of two ocean going USA
    -Lack of Soviet factories on Siberia
    -Japan's outproducing potential over Germany
    -Germany being unable to response US bomber spam.
    -One of the weakest and predicatable Germany which sometimes even outproduced by Russia, no reinforcement of Africa, Scandinavia, build-up navy options. No Arctic, Black Sea campaigns either. Only viable thing is turtling or rushing Leningrad and waiting massive Italian and Japanese helps.
    -Moscow-Berlin distance is so high.
    -Predictable USA
    -Overpriced cruisers
    -Purchasing phrase is before than the movement one which should have been the other way around.
    -Russia isn't the original owner of all German occupied Eastern Europe. Neither Italy is in Ethiopia.
    -Useless territories like Bermuda, Novaya Zemlya, Iceland, Caribbeans, some Siberian territories two piece Brazil etc...

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