Trigger to place Bunkers on every territory currently owned? (for AI)

  • The AI will place Bunkers indeed, but only if i purchase it by trigger. But then, the AI will place them in territories with a factory only. Not bad at all but.....
    Could someone think about a workaround to help the AI build Bunkers regularely everywhere, by itself or by trigger?

    For now i have only 2 possible ways i can think of.

    1. I could try to make a trigger to let the AI place Bunkers regularely in every territory the AI currently owns.
      Question: Is this possible?

    2. As the AI will only place Bunkers, if i purchased them by trigger, to territories with factories, i could make a fake-factory for every territory, which could in theory lead to the placement of Bunkers by the AI everwhere.
      Those fake-factories would only serve to get the AI to build Bunkers there, while theyself cannot produce units.
      Is that possible?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  • @TorpedoA
    #2 works
    You will have to use
    <option name="requiresUnits" value="Factory"/>
    where Factory is the proper factory and not the one in every territory(fake-factory)

    The requiresUnits line should be in every land units unitAttachment paragraph code block that is NOT going to be a Bunker.

  • Thanks alot. I will try.

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