AI performance with Option: Kamikaze, Pacific

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    I hope I'm posting this where/how you prefer; let me know otherwise.
    With ver, I played Pacific 1940, AI Hard with Game Options: Kamikaze. AI is not properly planing/defending for it.

    I prefer playing with the Kamikaze option, and it had been so long since I played the AI, I couldn't remember if the AI could use/play the option. Did you program the AI to play with the option? (I'll just describe the issue, & not upload save game) in case the answer is 'no'.)

    During the game, the AI (Allies) as United States would continually leave packed transports undefended against Japan's bombers & fighters (as high as 2 transports with a tank & infantry in each). In Pacific 1940 transports can't fire on aircraft. Obviously the TUV is overwhelming to Kamikaze the bomber/fighter on the full transports. In particular on multiple occasions had a bomber fly from Japan (with +1 movement from airport) to sea zones off cost of W.US and Alaska where AI would placed undefended transports.

    On the flip-side, the AI never Kamifazed any of it's aircraft, but I also never setup a test for it. Thanks!

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    @sculpt Yeah, the AI currently doesn't support Kamikaze from either a defending against it or using it on attack. I've added it to the list of things that I'd like to eventually have the AI support:

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