PBEM/PBF Players: Please help test new MARTI

  • Admin

    The dev team has set up a separate server to allow us to preview new MARTI features and bug fixes before promoting them into production. If you are a regular PBEM/PBF player, we'd appreciate some help testing this new "staging" server.

    To test the staging server, you will need to install TripleA pre-release or later. To use the staging server for a PBEM/PBF game, select the new dice-staging.tripleawarclub.org (experimental BETA) entry on the dice server list. In all other respects, this server operates identical to the production server (dice.tripleawarclub.org) you've used in the past. However, because the staging and production servers are independent of each other, you must register your email(s) with the staging server at http://dice-staging.tripleawarclub.org/, even if you registered with MARTI in the past.

    If you experience problems with the staging server, please feel free to post in this thread or create a new issue at GitHub. If the problem is blocking you from continuing your game, you should be able to switch back to the production server as long as your email(s) is registered there, as well.


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