Total Casualty Reporting

  • Hey guys, wow amazing/fast response to the request for hit differential! Really looking forward to using that in future games.

    Another item that should be simple, and would add a lot of depth to our understanding of the game of Axis and Allies, and that no one has ever done before (to my knowledge) is a full accounting of casualties.

    IE, the ability to produce a report that lists how many units each nation has lost cumulatively through a game. I think it would be very interesting and help each player learn more about themselves and each nation. How many infantry does Russia lose t compared to Germany? or how many tanks? Who loses more subs or destroyers? USA or Japan? etc. How much plastic have I sent to it's death lol?

    Maybe I defeated my enemy - but at what cost? Is there a trend that if my casualties are larger than X by Y turn point, that the war is not going well enough to win? that kind of thing.

    Would be a really cool/report to review!!

  • Admin

    @gargantua Agree, this fits well into my thoughts/vision for the total game statistics report.

  • If we were really slick, we could start data mining the kill ratio's too. Like Germany vs Russia, or Japan vs USA.

    Who has killed the majortiy of nation X's units. All the data exists, we just need to complete the parsers that record it, and have it in tripleA nicely displayed somewhere.

    I love seeing these kinds of statistics, alot can be done with them to have a much better/deeper understanding of the game.

    Sure maybe you might still lose a hard fought war against a tougher opponent, but now you can prove you killed him 2 to 1. or vice versa, and did everything possible to save your country for annihilation! 🙂

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