"Political Action Attachments" Expansion with "activateTrigger"

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    During some of my recent work with the "politicalActionAttachment", I have noticed lack of the following options .

    "activateTrigger" is unavailable for "politicalActionAttachment" although it is available for both "triggerAttachment" and "userActionAttachment".

    activateTrigger		value:  This will fire another named trigger. 
    Format: "triggerName:numberOfTimes:useUses:testUses:testConditions:testChance". 
    "activateTrigger" will be affected by "each" in a condition statement. 
    triggerName is the name of the trigger to fire, 
    numberOfTimes is the number of times to fire that trigger,
    useUses makes sure the firing uses up a "use" 
    at the end of this round, and the tests test the trigger before firing.
    example: value="triggerAttachmentRussians5_FarEastReserves:1:false:false:false:false"
    (FYI: it is probably not a good idea to test the trigger before firing, as it will confuse the user.
     Instead, put all the conditions you want into the condition for the userActionAttachment.)

    The reason I think it should also be an available option for "politicalActionAttachment" is because it has the unique ability to provide xml coders with immediate real time feedback to a players choices. This ability is especially valuable when it comes to a complex political structure where the players can make several yes or no decisions within one political phase. Where each player decision affects the availability of subsequent choices provided to the player, within the same phase.

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