How to use kamikaze tokens

  • Hi all. Just started playing this weekend. Long time tabletop AA player too. What a great game though. Anyways, how do you use kamikaze tokens in Pacific?

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    @cmmiles I assume its one of the WWII Global editions. This is an excerpt from game notes, which can be found via, Help Menu->Game Notes or on the right panel, under Notes tab.

    Kamikaze Attacks Japan starts the game with 6 attack tokens, and may begin doing Kamikaze Attacks at the start of the game. These attacks can only be done in sea zones that contain the Kamikaze symbol [the sea zones surrounding: Japan, Okinawa, Iwo Jima, Formosa, and the Marianas]. At the end of Japan's enemy's combat-move phase, Japan may target any surface warship in a Kamikaze zone for one or more Kamikaze attacks, ONLY if the enemy is attacking Japanese units there or is conducting an Amphibious Assault from that sea zone. For each attack, a die is rolled, and a 2 or less is considered a hit. Casualties are removed immediately, and do not participate in any battles. Kamikaze attacks prevent bombardment as well.

    The highlighted portion means you can do this before your enemy even rolls a single die, since it's before their actual combat phase begins.

  • @general_zod said in How to use kamikaze tokens:

    end of Japan's enemy's combat-

    Thanks! I did see that. So a combat situation has to exist; not just enemy units in a kamikaze sea zone. Thanks for the reply!

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